Sunday, 1 March 2009

Here we are blissfully happy with our Pippa and her puppies back home!
It was quite an ordeal of many many hours in the night and ended in a Caesarian , but all is now peaceful ans as you can see they suckle well.
It's 2 lads and a little lady except the lady is not so little being 30% bigger than both lads.
I'll leave you with this happy mothering scene as there's work to do supervising and lots of sleep to be caught up on eventually....
It's the way they squeak and look is sooo adorable and how they find a teat when they cannot yet see or hear is truly miraculous!
I'm a bit besotted it must be admitted.....And they don't even look like dogs yet- little chocolate hamsters more like- yippeeee!!! YES that's it : adorable soft warm silky chocolate treats to mother, love and adore.

The sleep of the innocent and very content. What a blessing .

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