Sunday, 8 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 8

Day 8 dawns but I have to tell you they have not yet opened their eyes, we kept looking but it hasn't happened yet and it's really late now: 10 pm.
Mum has started to feel more relaxed and often turns on her back to get a rest and remove her teats from reach....
The pups are also quite happy to either cuddle up or have quiet space all to themselves. All are growing and gaining weight and very noisy when hungry.
Alas the video clips we have been recording were not possible to put onto a website as they were not identified as separate 5 minute clips and thus were too much to copy and paste onto Youtube or Flickr but we will try again by recording one clip at a time and transferring each one in turn. Later in the week or next weekend maybe.
Lucy and Jack have started to open their mouths for reasons other than suckling and will lick a finger to explore. They also bark little high pitched barks in their sleep, not just the squaks of before.
Mum is eating twice to three times her usual meals but has decided she only likes to drink milk now, that is Whelpi a kind of puppy substitute milk no mere H2O for madam and no cow's milk either as dogs do not tolerate cow's milk very well.....
It means we are constantly making up milk as she isn't drinking enough.

Can you see little Tom? He's a bit dissappointed that mum rolled over so he can't reach a teat, but he is becoming a very good climber!

On a parting note all this puppy watching has had me sewing and finishing the backpack I started in June 2008... It has been in a W.I.P. ( work in progress) bag for many months and it was a New Year's resolution to get it finished and here it is: TA DAH!!!

The pattern is my own and is free on my crochet blog:

I used leftovers but I guess you'd need about 12 balls of DK cotton.( of 50 g balls with 80-120 m per ball)
See you again tomorrow? I hope at least one of them will have opened their eyes!

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