Monday, 9 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 9

Another Monday, another bright sunny morning. Today I was up at 5 am as Pippa woke me up to visit the facilities and then came into my bed on the sofa for a cuddle.
Day was just breaking at 5.30 am and the morning birdsong was not just a chorus, but more of a symphony!!! It's been a long time since I stood in the garden at that hour and it was simply breathtaking. Magical.

I think I could hear at least 8 different birds singing different tunes but it was a lovely harmonious thrilling whole. GOOD MORNING!!!! THEY SANG IT LOUD, THEY SANG IT PROUD.
It made me think that getting up at the time was a blessing rather than a rude awakening...

I had fallen asleep at 1.30 am at last as Pippa wouldn't settle and between her whining and the pups squealing for their mum it had been another busy night.

Above is Lucy as she is today 9th March: sleepy and yet confident , now weighing in at over 1,000 grammes!!! All of them have gained 11 % of yesterday's bodyweight in the past 24 hours.
As you can see Lucy is now more than 2 hands full. Her ears have come down but she still has her eyes firmly closed.

And this is Jack having a special cuddle as part of the ''weighing in'' ritual. He too will now open his mouth and sniff and lick any new surface not reserve his mouth for suckling only. Tom was so soundly asleep we decided not to disturb him, bless his little cottonsocks. He was the one who was loudest in the night, very loud and very frequent. Mum and son have therefore slept a lot today ( JJ reporting) but I have been at work all day.

Hence we'll leave it there for today, fingers crossed for OPEN eyes tomorrow?

Here are a few vignettes of my walk around Thame today, Pippa also had her first proper walk for more than 30 minutes away from her pups and she LOVED it, running after rabbits and generally behaving as if she'd been confined for years not just one week......

A little posy I crocheted yesterday and wore to work today...Pattern on the blog of ''Attic 24''.
Still always stitching and hooking you see?

St Mary's church for a little Midsomerness......
And some Pollarded Willows which are a particular favourite of mine as where I grew up in Holland we had them in rows in the town and along the canals. Or a la Larkrise: oooh these Willows are a weakness of mine.....
And just a few more as they are so graphic while still in their winter guise. My uncle who was an artist in his spare time and after he retired made a beautiful black inkpen drawing of the pollarded willows in Holland in the 1960's and I grew up with that picture framed hanging in our hallway.
So much beauty and expression with a few lines of black ink on white paper......STUNNING.

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  1. The puppies are so sweet! I am really enjoying this day by day account of them all. Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos of all of them too!