Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day part one

It was ''THAT DAY'' today and we were all glued to our TV by 9 am this morning right through to about 1.45pm. Here's a little preview and I hope to show and share all my wee gems tomorrow? I did a bit of crochet in white ( of course!) 4 ply cotton : motifs in lace. We were all dressed for the occasion in navy, red and white: very patriotic and had celebratory home-baked chocolate brownies.

Bye bye for now for I am exhausted with all this wedding emotion etc, but I have well over 150 photos and hope to share these over one or a few of the next days...

Suffice to say I cried buckets at the vows bit and the Blessing and sang along with the hymns , especially JERUSALEM and the God Save the Queen, much to the disapproval of Miss E.

Miss Y is away at a sleepover party now and JJ and Miss E went to see THOR in 3D but I was happy to walk the dogs and watch it all over again with my camera handy the second time around.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Best ever Birthday!

Woke up to breakfast in bed on my birthday this Good Friday: a big number plus one. Miss Y and E had made this together: a yummeeee Dutch B'day breakfast: with pressies too!

The cheese and salami were the Dutch bit, Gouda don't you know, with ''MUM'' on it! DELISH GREENGRAPES AND ORENGE JUICE AS WELL . All of the family on the bed, cuddles etc

Duc D'O choccies, a necklace with inspirational message and lapis and silver earrings: boy was I happy with those!!!

Miss E baked apple cakes : just sooooo lovely! The baby chicks are growing and are fine but leaves now obstruct a good view of the nest.

And THANK YOU GOD for the most brilliant amazingly HOT sunny weather ever!!! Pippa sunbathed. The girls played in a large paddling pool: endless laughter and giggles and JJ and I relaxed in the garden with paper and crochet respectively.SUCH UTTER BLISS.

Plans to walk chapter 9 or 10 of the South Downs Way were revised and put on hold for another day as we did NOT want to sit in the car for hours on SUCH a sunny blue sky day. So we just chilled and were blissfully ecstatically HAPPY together.

A chilled happy JJ.

Miss Y and I played brain master and we watched the beloved G - girls too.

JJ made lunch: BLTs! Mine had a birthday candle!!!

Such a lovely sunny day: cuddles galore

Then just after 5 pm we went for a walk on the South Bucks Way: Great Kimble to Ellesborough.

A rare tree : still in bud! All others are fully ''in leaf'' now.WHAT A BLUE!!!

Steep climb at the start but with views on the way.

Red kite in tree

My photo

Miss Y 's better one- more intimate.

Miss E is taking photos too: dad's camera.

The views were STUNNING. Dry chalky paths. 5 miles in 2.5 hours. Much stopping for photography and admiring the view.At 7 pm it was still very warm.

Lucy on the lead all the way as she's in season. That too was a challenge both for her and us.

Ellesborough church in sight, we've not ever walked this bit before.

Back on the road back to Great Kimble was not the best route.

home for the dogs and back out to the Bottle and Glass for a birthday dinner out: SUPERB!!!

Then all went to bed as we were nicely exhausted.

Next day photos of some of the birthday CROCHET:

Crochet on the day was a new scarf with NORO SEKKU : 50% cotton, 17%wool,16%silk, 17% nylon: my first NORO yarn and it is a pain to work with. Spools back on itself, twists and knotts continuously and the colours though fab are in very loooooooong repeats. Too long for me.

Worked with a 3mm hook for a lacy effect. Bought in London on Wednesday: I was abhorred to find Oxford St John Lewis does not stock Patons DK or 4 ply cotton as for my b'day project ( tradition since 2005) was to be in the new Delta blue in this yarn. So I decided to try the Noro as we'd taken a rickshaw from Regent St especially to buy the yarn at JL.

2 ROWS OF 45 CIRCLES weigh 18 g so I should have yarn for 3 more rows....

It looked very Royal blue/ Turq on the ball but has LARGE amounts of purple, grey blue and even some burgundy...

Colour: 18 A and very very thin as well as rather thick in some places. Nice organic look. I think there's some green coming up...
Bye bye for now. No blue print today due to computer problems: it stops every minute to save! This post has taken me ALL DAY!