Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunny day- it's really Spring! or is it Summer?

Welcome to Spring and our resident mama blackbird is broodily warming her eggs. She's lived in our garden for over a decade now and raises a family of blackbird chicks every summer, daddy blackbird sings beautifully and sits on our garage to greet you when you arrive home. This is the first time we have so claerly seen the nest and her on it though, they used to have it in the back garden.
A walk towards Moreton from Cuttlebook at about 12:30 on Friday 8th April after submitting the dreaded TMA02....Superbly sunny and 'twas good to walk off the tension.
Lucy shows the way. Unusually no lambs yet in the field on the right.
Scumptious textures in that NEW Spring GREEN. Yummy!
Hawthorn in bloom everywhere: so pretty. Glossy and bright, a virginal white.

The dogs got a bit too warm so Pips heads into the nearest muddy stream....

I took the bridge myself.
Such a glorious mass of white against the blue, BLUE, OH such a BLUE sky.
The girls( dogs) had acres of fields to run about in. Yet choose to roll about in cowpats instead.
I'm holding my nose......
Back in Cuttlebrook the river by the big brick bridge is so low they can paddle and do so with alacrity. It's a new experience for them.

All relaxed I go home to hose and shampoo the dogs and collect Miss Y from school on my orange bike. Village Voices choir tonight for an - almost- final rehearsal for the concert on Sunday.

The temperature was summery: 22 degrees and above in the sun!

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