Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rona from ROWAN update on progress: CROCHET

Back at last! Ordered a new battery for my ancient camera at last as could not yet decide on the new camera! Been at work for 3 whole weeks now and loving it . but for a few days ot was an 11 hour day , which is a tad EXHAUSTING!
All the non-blogging was spent in extra crochet planning time as RONA from ROWAN is to be my 2010 birthday project ( one of 2 or 3 as it's such a special birthday)

I have FINALLY agreed and decided on the 4 patches and they are as above. The green, purple, navy and burgundy wools are from my Rowan designer wool stash from the 1980's when they were destined for a complex knitted fairisle design with lots of big blowsy flowers and quite a lot of kidsilk haze as well as chenille. I knitted about 4 inches/ 10 cm before the wools all tangled horribly and I got fed up with the slow progress on 3mm needles and the tightness of the knitting.
At last I have decided to use some of the wool in this RONA jacket pattern which has 4 patches, 2 of which are classic granny squares.

Thus far I have made 7-8 squares of each , I have bought some felted tweed DK ( PALE SKY BLUE) and some REVIVE: a yarn recylced from old clothing which is a delight to work with and is the pale tweedy pink.

These were 2 squares I tried, I like both but they didn't quite fit in, especially the one on the left was too bright to mix well as in the design.
The flower patch gave me the most problems because the Rowan one has a large circular hole in the centre which I really did NOT like so I was experimenting quite a bit. I also thought the flower too big and too square so I have completely redesigned the flower in 2 colours with a heart and smalller curvier petals. I also experimented with a grren or a plum behind the flower but decided on a pinky burgundy which I already had in a younger part of my stash from Yeoman Yarns. You get just a tiny peek of this. Once I was well into making the squares I suddenly realised that I had been subconsciously influenced by a new scarf which I adore and had happily acquired from the charity shop recently for £1!!! It's very soft and warm and I simply LOVE love love wearing it. LOOK! See the resemblance? Unplanned I promise!
The darker blue is some more felted tweed which I bought before realising the colour has been discontinued, I now plan to make the yoke, sleeve underarm and buttin bands/collar in this.
It comes with a very basic schematic and no diagrams ( shame on you Rowan!) and the schematic is pretty limited so I made a toile by drafting it in tissue paper and sewing the pieces in a calico cotton. It's on the ''wide'' and very short side , the sleeves are too long and it rides up in the front ( I'm too busty by half!) so I'll have to compensate for all that.
I will model my version on a fave denim jacket I have had and worn for the past 20 years or so.
My squares measure 9.5 cm versus the GAUGE ones at 8 cm so I'm recalibrating quantities and sizing as well. I'm using a 3mm hook.
This is the inspiration, the picture in the magazine, although this did not appeal to me! I only fell for it when I SAW the real thing on a stand in Liberty of London just before Christmas.
It was tweedy but rough and scratchy in feel and I still do not really like the colours. I like the subtlety but can't wear those shades and tones, too much ochre.

She sleeps or she reads. As will I go do now: read and then sleep. Good night.