Sunday, 30 March 2014

In recovery- very slowly- Mothering Sunday not so good

 My mum passed away recently and it's all been rather difficult at the moment.
Thought about her a lot today.
 Scenes from just before the funeral, which at least was a very dignified and well attended event.

 The kneelers were designed by the late Reverend Douglas Snelgar, who confirmed and married me once, and stitched by the ladies of the Parish of Steep.
 I particularly like these swallows and foxes but in truth I like almost all of them for different reasons...

 The trout and the snowdrops, the Jay....
 The bouncy rabbit or hare ....Very Watership Down of course in these parts....
 The cute hedgehogs... All   kneeler designs were based on local flora and fauna...
I had my conformation classes at the vicarage where often he would have the drawings for the next designs on his desk... Celebrating the evidence and presence of God in the countryside he would say.
It's very lovely the countryside hereabouts and I will miss it dearly when I can no longer visit so readily...
It's all rather like this at the moment:

 BLACK. There were diaries and revelations, stories I'd never heard before and it's as if there's been a seismic shift in my  personal Universe......The shock waves are still reverberating around my brain.
 These daffodils are cheery though and as always '' life must go on''.
 JJ, the love bought 3-4 bunches and they are everywhere, but only for a week.
 found a hankerchief case which I must have embroidered in Primary school, 40-45 years ago...
 Beatifully lined in gingham and lovely tiny invisible stitching to put it together...
 And a photo of a smiling me, sweet 16 years of age? Studying at my desk, surrounded by files.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sad News and no blogging for a while

Dear readers my elderly mother passed away very unexpectedly and there therefore will be blogging silence for a while from this neck of the woods.
I do hope to be back and as soon as possible but I can't as yet say when.
Please bear with me, I will return.