Friday, 24 June 2016

Rooftop views City Hall

Yes that's me, I really am on the rooftop balcony of City Hall.

Bit windy...

Spot the sandal....Unintentional but I think it's quite fun.
Proper abstracts here

And a focus on TRIANGLES again.

Bye bye Healthy Schools London.

City Hall London: loving the triangles and architecture

Healthy Schools London: a wonderfully marvellous initiative that only London has managed to run, the rest of England saw the healthy schools programmes cease in 2010/2011.
Today we celebrated those schools who had won bronze, silver and gold awards and had many inspirational presentations, films and demonstrations to fire our imagination and strengthen our resolve to continue with continuous improvements in the health and well-being of school aged children.

Wonderful iconic views on arrival with a shirt walk from London Bridge Underground.
I was late due to delays on the train due to signal failure somewhere near Marylebone this morning
 These triangles and reflections make my heart sing! I did once to an entire term's project on the design potential of triangles at college...
I love the superimposed reflections and yet also transparency, the complex patterns made by intersecting lines. vertical , slanting and the triangles as well as the curve of the stairs within.
 Just WOW really.

 After all the inspiration which I will share at work next week and with many colleagues in the South East network on Monday, there were the many many awards and then the ascent to the 9th floor by
spiral staircase: MAGIC! With a heavy backpack I managed to walk swiftly up with the fitbit surge JJ lent me recording the 9 ''floors'' and a BPM of 120 at the top!

They start wide and shallow and end up narrow and deeper, that is to say higher each step.

Arriving at the top into the light and amazing views of the top floor atrium.