Thursday, 30 June 2011

Northern Ireland part two

Goes to show how time flies when life is oh so busy! 4 weeks ago this was. Day 1 was the journey only, hence the plane. then there's the morning of day 2 , day 3 was a walk and then some kayaking... and then home on day 4. Too short!!!
Alas on day 4 the sun shone and it was hot and we haven't had nice warm sunnshine back home since. Only 2 days last week when it was 33-34 degrees and TOO HOT besides I was in a lOndon conference all day for one of them. Too much rain and ''white blanket cloud cover days for me this June. Depressing.tomorrow it's JULY let's hope for winning the premium bonds and lots of sunshine?There was quite a bit of crocheting in June- to show you in the next posts and a lot of studying and TMA writing and researching too. We've had family events too: a confirmation and a cello grade 2 exam and various bits have been getting hurt, fingers , wrists , feet and toes and ankles...What a month. Let's remember that brief holiday in Northern Ireland:

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Northern Ireland part one

After 1 pm the sun came out and boy was it BEAUTIFUL!!! See for yourself....This is the 1st of June in the north coast part of Northern Ireland, the earlier part of the day will be in part 2.

Walking on the path to the famous rope bridge. Where salmon fishermen used to cross.

Onto the path near the Causwway now.See below.

Organ Pipes. In STONE.


Such divine textures....Lichens too....

There was a line of RED stone/ the outcrop....

White sand Bay?.....So very much like a Dutch beach!!! Even with Dunes.

What a blissful day and this was followed by Icecreams at Bushmills and Chinese in Coleraine....