Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mirror Mirror

Or should I say Topsy Turvy-land? But MIRROR MIRROR sums it up so nicely.
I was stunned by the beauty of trees reflected in the flooded fields around Thame this week as I drove to work in the morning. It was probably Wednesday as I had college Thursday, London meetings Friday and dancing all day Saturday. Today was the first day that I could get out and walk across to where I had seen such graphic lacy reflections. Last week the water covered all grass, was mirror glass smooth and the sky was bright but white making very stark and outstanding mirror images of the black tracery of the tree branches.In those few days since the water has drained and much of the fields and grass returned to view so I could not quite capture what I had seen in the car, but here it goes.
Also I was enchanted to see swans landing on those ''lakes'' one morning and we never have swans in Thame, it was delightful to watch them soar, glide and then land on the water as I drove on the ring-road towards the roads that take me to Oxford. A pair of white swans. Imagine them yourself in the following picture show?

There's more look:

 And then the sun came out and shone so brightly behind me...

 I could no longer really take shots in the sun's direction.

 The grass was sodden and muddy squelchy but vibrant green and returning vigorously.
 This was not the colour seen, camera and sunlight have bleached what the naked eye could see today.
I left this patch and walked on the grassy verge at the edge of the ring road....

 And crossing this very busy road, saw this on the other side:
 This is where the swans were.

Could not get enough of all these fabulous reflections.

 Was fascinated how the fences looked, almost as one but half was real and half an illusion in the H2O?

 The cars whizzed by noisily rushing on their way somewhere on this sunny Sunday afternoon.

 Did they SEE what I was seeing?

 Oops yep, that's me in the new cowl made the other day and just wonderfully soft and warm.
Then there was a new noise, quieter but a whirring put- putting sort of noise and HEY there was someone flying above in a motorised hang-glider thingummy-jig. And there was a tiny sliver of moon too.

There's St Mary's of Thame, on the way home again now.

There she is and there's the car. Hope you enjoyed the views as much as I did.