Sunday, 3 January 2016

January 2 and 3

 Been busy creating and cleaning, a new voile circle skirt above, with fabric from Croft Mill from many years ago finally made into a skirt for dancing in. I have a lining one already, usually worn with navy Tocca lace, but it layers well under this one too.
 There's very slow but definite progress on the crochet skirt started in July 2015, I'm at the third round of medallions and each row takes approximately 2 hours now. 4 ply cotton and a 4mm hook.
 This is the schematic I am vaguely following. It consists of about 16 rows.
I got to use up the first Yeoman Yarn cone of 1700m the other evening I had almost completed row 15 of that 3rd set of scallops. Now using the new cone and working out how much further to go.
 Weight Watchers have changed my beloved pro-points system so I am getting used to the new smart -points but it is difficult without an app, no online support or even a calculator to convert info at the moment! Here is cod in butter sauce with cauli rice and spiralised carrot. No idea of the smart points.
The spiraliser is new and lots of fun.
 Yesterday I took Miss Y to see the new Star Wars film: the Force Awakens at Oxford Vue as we had caught up together slowly in the past 2 weeks watching previous films in the recommended order but omitting episode 1.So we watched the 1977 one first then the two from 1983 then the revenge of the Sith and the Return of the Jedi etc, all on Sky. So we were well up to date and this latest one was amaaaaazing. WOW. SAY NO MORE.  Go see it?!
 Then today it was back to the Vue in daylight this time to go see a screening of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale at the Garrick Theatre London, this too was really really wonderful!
Such wonderful use of language, so rich, so very many words and so well crisply spoken!
( or shouted on occasion)

 Simply FABULOUS, cannot wait for Romeo and Juliet in July 2016.
And to finish this adorable CROCHET piggy-bank! Isn't he cute?

 Even the penny is crocheted!
This smooth real one is much less cute or graphic.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year, Happy 2016

 Thankful for a lovely and restful start to 2016, peace and harmony, fun and frolicks and a lot of relaxation.
 It started with tiny sparklers , champagne in the Bucks' Fizz and amazing foreworks in London that seemed to go on longer than usual and to some techno music.
 Earlier we'd had a lovely New Year's Eve supper with the favourite matchstick potatoes and veg in cream and garlic... Lots and lots of chopping involved.

 And chocolate melt in the middle pudding.... Miss E had been at work so had a nap but did come down just before midnight to celebrate with us and JJ was out 18:30 to 22:00 which was unexpected, drinks with a client...

 After retiring early, well I stayed up and crocheted while watching Goldfinger, but the others went to bed early.
 Than after the New Year's Day concert from Vienna we headed off to the seaside at Brighton!
Lucy after mucg squirmong and protesting finally settled and slept in the foot area, while I crocheted row 15 on the 3rd set of medallions on the skirt.
 Fisrt we had sat nav but soon JJ found the Sound of Music! How very NEW YEAR'S day!
 Some were sleeping and some were not..

 Horrid wet grey weather...
 But joy came from hearing Edelweiss sung on the musical and then that romantic folk dance they do on the patio.... So romantic and the dance looks fun too, much twirling and clever work with the arms and hand-holding. I wonder what it is called and where you can learn to dance it?

 At this Lucy woke up .

 And then we were in BRIGHTON! Still wet though alas.

 Dogs loved it, humans less so as it was cold, windy and wet so we lasted about 5 minutes beforfe heading to Alfresco for lunch!

 mmmmm, very yummy seabass!
 A strange concrete pillar next to the restaurant may have a restaurant at the top eventually...
 We enjoyed the food and the view albeit a grey one.

 Bye bye sea, I took a wee video of the waves will appear in a later post.