Sunday, 30 April 2017

Another Birthday, Some new passions

This is more of a journal style update, no patterns or recipes.
Had a birthday, was at a dance which was also a party, had a rather drastic new haircut and been shopping for new clothes.
Have been feeling very blue a lot and not much crochet has been done for far too long and although there has been some sewing, I have not addressed the growing mess my fabric/ patterns/ wool/ craft materials stash creates in the ''home''.

I need to do this both because it's getting quite bad but also because I want to have a go at machine knitting again, it is something I used to do in the 1990's quite a lot. That was just before the tapestry work phase.

These are some of the lovely flowers I was given for my birthday...
My photo previews are not loading up properly and I have not noted down the numbers of each photo so I have to leave it here for today, bye bye
Have a good bank holiday weekend! May Morning in Oxford tomorrow and we'll be dancing in Radcliffe Square at 6 am!
So an early night for me then...