Saturday, 5 September 2015

St Malo and Dinard

 Bye Bye Portsmouth On Thursday 20 August on Brittany Ferry to St Malo overnight.
 Let's have a nice dinner then a good sleep in our cabins.

 Good Morning France!

 A lovely French petits dejeuner in Dinard

Watched a few sets of sailing schools set off with their catamarans out to the harbour and beyond.
 Walking round a headland, such a hot beautiful morning!

Reminds me of that painting I almost purchased for above the fireplace....Rocks, sea and sand.
It was when we were having the living room re- done.

 changing patterns of sea-foam are like lace...

 The house JJ and I rather fancied... Turrets and sea views, what more could one wish for?
 Alas we has to leave the beautiful Dinard coastline and drive to Nantes.
 Nantes fountain, it is now very very HOT.  35 DEGREES C in the sunshine?
 Girls spend hours in SEPHORA.

 Dinner in Nantes, I have a fish pie.
 Miss Y and JJ have Raclette!

Fraiserie for the most amazing sorbet selection, we started with CASSIS= heavenly!

Just look at the choices in sorbet flavours alone...! MEGA FRUITY!  Frozen pure fruit puree really.