Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas images

 We attended the 5 pm Christingles service at St Mary's as always but this year alas there were just two of us and it went down to just one- me- for Midnight Mass..... And a very nice mass it was too this year, starting later and lighting a candle for Jesus' birth exactly at midnight.
 Lucy making herself at home when I get up to make a cup, of tea
 Lovely papers the presents came in this year, very innovative and with messages.

 And much glitter that coated skin and hair of those using it!

 Papers identifying both New York and London in a festive manner....
 A pesto tree was again enjoyed while the lunch was cooked...
 Just I as for the service, listened to the Queen at 3 pm.
 Lots of veggies and an amazing salmon was our first non meat Christmas lunch.
 Lucy relaxed throughout the festivities.

 Pipps sulked a bit as she missed the usual Turkey treats?
 Much tv, including those 50's miswives, the Strictly Christmas special and of course Downton!
 Long after all that we had the pudding I made in October, it flambeed really well.

 Boxing Day saw us having M&S treats but these stuffed mushrooms were dissappointing.
 The mousse looked spectacular but again I'd prefer the ordinary AERO choc mousse?!
 Miss E said it was a waste of the brownie to cover it in mousse!
 And finally on 27th we went for a brief walk between all the rain showers.
 Lovely winter lace against the sky.

 And then home to catch up on some more Star Wars films again: Attack of the Clones this time and Revenge of the Sith.

 and finally I got some crochet done other than the 43 scallop elements on the third round of lace in the 4 ply navy skirt..... That has got to 340 g now, row 13 on the third group of medallions is now completed - at last-!

Today's crochet- 27th- is a new cowl out of 1 skein of OLYMPIA by Lana Grossa!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Food plans, thanks to M&S

 Made WW fritatats yesterday evening, even some festive start shaped ones! That's about all the energy used up now as both JJ and myself have succumbed to a nasty head-cold and in my case it;s on the chest, rattling away and leaving me short of breath.
So I popped into M&S to return a few things I'd bought in Oxford and due to this same cold I;d bought the wrong size! ThenI thought : let's stock up on easy to cook food as we are both feeling soooooo very tired and full of bugs and such.
 Lovely salmon as this is out first non meat eating family Christmas.
 And TROUT for Boxing day or later. Lovely choccie mousse and fruity jelly!

 Potato in several ways... easy to cook I hope.

 Mushrooms too for JJ and me and maybe the girls will try them.

 I ahve made the fruit traditional pudding but maybe we'd like this as a change on Boxing day or New Years?

 And that glorious looking jelly again....NOT FORGETTING THIS !
And I was 8 st 10 this morning so not too shabby there even with all the stollen and X-mas treats.
 I think it's a reminder to go gently through Christmas and we have lots of fresh veggies stocked up too!
 And such a lot of lovely festive and cute films!


HACHOOOOOO. no that was just me sneezing, Such a cold, longing to lie down again with a movie...
Spring cleaning and clearing and sorting will just have to wait a bit.

Hope you are having a lovely CHRISTMAS time?!