Thursday, 24 December 2015


 Yesterday was the first sunny day for a long long time and forecasts said there's be more rain to come so Lucy and I made it out to KIMBLE as quick as we could for a ''proper'' walk.
 She's still a bit wobbly on tose hind legs and sat down a few times but it was so much better than trying to walk around the block at home which these days she often just refuses.
Sits in the middle of the road and will not budge!  Even with her old lead or the new lead and harness.
 This was different , she was raring to go! But we obviously have more training and physio to do. I took a video or 2 to show on another post.
 Still we took in the view and I said thanks for the miracle of her surviving the surgery and being able to walk at al!!! THANK YOU Lord.

 Then when we got home I watched STAR wars MOVIE # 5 : Empire Strikes Back with Annie, so relaxing I almost fell asleep! Got some but not lots of crochet done on that navy 4 ply cotton skirt!
That was started in August on the way to St Andrews.

 I also went though and threw out a large bag of papers and magazines.
 This one from 1995, a Christmas issue to inspire, now very out-dated.

What a day!

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