Friday, 18 December 2015

Time flies when you are having so much fun.

Long time no posting and that is simply because life is speeding by so fast and I have had hardly any time at the computer at home, always out dancing!
 There was dancing and being filmed most recently but that is all still top secret so I will reveal a bit more late in 2016...

 We got Lucy a travel crate and she really loves it

 It collapses down into a carry-all flat pack.
 I have made a Kumihimo beaded bracelet, it's still in progress in this photo.
 I have been to PERTH , SCOTLAND on a bus with beds! Overnight travel. Amazing.

 A new dress and a skirt for dancing in

 Still losing weight even though I reached goal in November and am now 3 lbs BELOW my goal.
 And all by having the most delicious food like this breakfast and this Delia fish recipe:

 Some new hand painted Polish crockery to enjoy eating it off...
Some plates for X-mas but the wee bowl is for porridge so that's in use already.

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