Sunday, 25 October 2015

Koigu excitement - my first two skeins and first project

 Hi, now I have had KOIGU merino 4 ply KPPM yarn on my wishlist for many years now and finally having had to spend an absolute fortune on my darling dog for her spinal surgery I thought why not?!
So I ordered my first ever two skeins from the skein queen colours as above.
I fell for both but the right hand one #160 will go to brighten up my new navy/white map coat for winter so I bought some navy katia merino baby 4 ply in navy from Masons in Abingdon and set to starting a cowl.

 I decided on broomstick lace , simple 6 st repeats with plain rows of navy half trebles worked in one loop only. I tried a 25mm broomstick but it seemed too large so am now working with a 15 mm one.
 Showing simple broom stick picking up the loops technique here. Hook through both navy loops,
 Grab Koigu yarn and pull through.
 Place loop onto broomstick or in this case a large knitting needle.
 and repeat until all loops picked up.

Then you simply work double crochets into a group- 6-7 in this case- of loops as you take them off the knitting needle again. A recently crocheted off row looks like the top row in this photo below:

I have decided on 3 rows broom stick with Koigu then 2 rows half treble (UK terms) with the navy merino. Using a 3.5mm hook. It's just so pretty isn't it? The colours are amazing, marvellous.

I will wait to see how far the yarn of one skein goes, I may order more if there is not enough.
But so far am very pleased with the results visually and it is also sublimely soft! RESULT.

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