Monday, 5 October 2015

Praying for a good recovery for dearest Lucy

 Here's Lucy at the supervet's surgery waiting to be examined. We all sat on the floor pretty soon.
 She was not impressed as her hind legs would no longer support her or allow her to walk.
 It was all very sudden, my shock discovery after returning from Somerset on 27 Th September, after my Towersey folk-club weekend away.
 She has surgery on her vertebrae last Monday a week ago and has been in hospital since, we miss her most awfully, dreadfully, sooo painfully. But she is getting better and is happy and settled in the hospital.
 Having submitted my dissertation and finished my course I am now free to sort the house out and I found this ''almost finished jacket''.... So I have now sewn it up and am working the front bands.
 Sirdar cotton DK with a 4 mm hook from their recent summer jackets book.
 I have added a lace panel near the cuff as the sleeves looked odd with the lace front and back.
 Lovely fit even to my ''new'' size!
 Unpicked the bottom up sleeves three times to get the length right but I think I got there in the end?
 Sunday JJ and I walked at Stowe to relax and unwind, but there were so many dogs that it did not work for me so well or at all as it brings back the longing to have our Lucy back and running alongside or ahead like she always does!

 Beautiful day though. JJ looking for fish.

 Come home soon Lucy, these boots are for walking WITH you not without you.
Get well soon! Your loving, adoring mistress.

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