Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Getting ready for Christmas...

 The nativity all set up with many dachshunds in attendance, rapt to see the baby.
Crocheted snowflakes hung at the windows, no sign of real snow not with weather so unseasonably warm at 15 degrees C!

 Rudolph in window and a light up tree replaces a candle bridge this year as so many bulbs broke in the attic.
dachshund calendar for December 2015 decorated.

 Little crocheted Rudolph chooses the carols on classic FM

 Little drummer boy rides Rudolph number 3... Many cards this year.

 The advent calendar sewn in 1998 still going strong , even with the chewed bits when mice found their way into the attic after a new washing machine was installed incorrectly many years ago.
The Christmas dance at Marlborough with the Abingdon/ Harwell ladies.
 Oxford Lights while shopping for stocking-fillers...

 The Mummer's Play at Towersey..

 A delicious pesto and puff pastry Christmas tree baked by Miss Y today: yummy!
 We ate it while starting the STAR WARS catch up on past films exercise before we go watch the new release. This was #4: NEW HOPE - first seen by me in Portsmouth in 1977.
Not long now to the great event, the BIRTH OF JESUS.

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