Monday, 4 February 2013

So much to do - half finished or remedial items and BASKETRY Delights

 Distaster project, needs to be unpicked to use the cotton for a RIBBED or BASKETWEAVE textured jacket
 FAB faux fur needs hemming and it's all finished, pockets and all, only the hood- detachable- still to sew too. Can't wait to wear it and urgent finish before weather gets too warm!  It oh sooo sensuous to stroke!
 A denim Boden cardi with sleeved MILES TOO LONG. From 2004 or so.
 A broken Pa[erchase umbrella, never used, bit of a treat so need to re-utilise these fun butterflies
 White stuff re= structure project: it had elastic under bust: yeuuch not a good look. Here I've taken out the elastic. Redid it on Saturday: HUGE SUCCESS NOW photos later.
 Salice in white: shall I put a navy border on?
 5 balls of Azteca: what to do? This is one ball.  I was thinking top down jumper/ waistcoat with ribbing on yoke then texture below.. But I want to play with the yarn and get the stripes to line up across the front....

Pink cashmere: still need to decide and do the collar: waterfall or rolled verticals?

Monday morning: got stuck into doing the new cuff on the Boden cardi..... Denim cotton DK from attic  stash and a 3mm crochet hook.

 I had just the BEST time as clearing up my workroom I had found a video of basketry artists in the USA - acquired in 2008-and decided to re-watch it.
 So Inspirational! Weird accents but lovely snippets of classical music in between too. This lady does laborious coiled knotting but the metal elements she adds are truly sculptural.

 There's a strong African influence here
 And there I am hooking away on my pink Boofle hugs notebook/journal
 More metal: layered this time, I could see that in silk or organza on a dress?!
 On the left the unpicked thread which was knitted double I think and on the right my DK.
 This lady works with old yellow tapemeasures... In QUANTITY though: hundreds of them!

 She coils pots with them and varies the patterns made by the lines on the tape.....
 Here is a set of pots inspired by the familiar Russian dolls principle.
 Every pot has a different design....
 This is one of my favourites: sculpture ''vessels'' made with cotton tape and wooden clothing pegs!!!
 And here's me with my first attempt at a revised cuff.
 Tried it on BUT it was still too long! It's my left sleeve. The right sleeve is yet uncut.
 This is how long the original was: well beyond the tips of my fingers and oh so very annoying when worn, even rolled up lots it kept unrolling or being ''bulky''. Shame though so I stopped wearing the garment.
 This chap makes baskets from copper sheeting.
 And the WRITES on them, messages , fact, fiction or poetry...
 This is the right again
 And now a re- worked new cuff with much more unravelled and then re- crocheted..Like it!

 Double crochet in the back loop only, worked in the round.
 The right sleeve still to be cut, unravelled and re-worked... The left looks neat, uh?
Though I'm not that keen on the ''blousing'' effect I can't bear the flapping about of a wide sleeve either.
OMG the hand, that's eczema...!!! Thickened prematurely aged skin...Very dry.
 Spiky baskets to finish: they start looking '' angry'', sharp and aggressive but after a while take on their own calm beauty?

 The tape lady at work: AMAZING!
 Can you see a face in this copper vessel? It's saying bye for now.

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