Saturday, 18 June 2016

Punting with OUSDS in Oxford

Well what a day we had! Anna had booked the day and the punts weeks ahead and suddenly afer a sunny May, but a lot of rain in early June the sun shone and the sky was blue and all was idyllic in Oxford on 5th June.
I parked at St Hugh's College and walked a new route through the parks to Rose Lane where we were meeting.

 And there was everyone, seated on the grass enjoying a sunny picnic.
 Then there was also this beige lady duck who was very interested in our picnic, especially the cake, pastry items and bread...
She was so tame she ate the pastry crumbs right out of my hand! And very gently too, no sniping at fingertips.

The chocolate loaf cake and the cheesy leek and spinach puffs disappeared completely together with a lot of love;y cheese, more cake, carrots, houmous, grapes, crisps and all the usual picnic fare.
Just sitting in the sun with friends and the amazing view was absolutely delightful.
 Then it was time to go punting and we had two University punts booked : such fun, five in each.

 This is when we'd got to the river where the rowing clubs all have their boathouses, and Niall took a break from punting.
 Here is Marius having a go, we who did no punting had a blissfully relaxing time!

 I am smiling, honest! And loving the comfort of my ''ladders'' Liberty tank top that I sewed a week ago. Ignore the bags, it's the picnic boxes, blankets and all sorts of stuff for the day.

 Niall took over for the last stretch of the river back again and we were joined by Both Charlotte and Max punting the other punt back to base.
We'd had a wonderful time in what we now know- it's rained just about every day since to 18 June today- was a rare hot sunny day!!!

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