Saturday, 18 June 2016

Crochet again at last! Such fun and so relaxing

 Here above is the Kim Hargreaves pattern for SALICE jacket that I started in October 2011!!!
I ''finished'' it sometime in early 2012 and then it just hibernated in a basket or a box as I could not decide whether to edge it or not.
 TODAY 18 June I made the decision for a dark navy edging in double crochet and crab stitch and I choose between bamboo- too soft and shiny I wanted a crisp finish, Cannele 4 ply - the blue was more French navy and I's have to use it at least doubled up...
The DK Calypso was too soft and fluffy, it will not look crisp , another blue was too bright more of a dark royal so I used the Dark navy aran cotton at the far left above.
 I wanted it tight and yet bold so I used the aran with a 4 mm hook.
On front edge, pocket edge and cuffs I worked it a few times in different ways until I got it :
not too loose and wavy ( too many stitches), not too tight and sparse ( too few stitches)
but just right and IDENTICAL on both fronts, on both sleeves and on both pockets.
Not as easy as it seems and I undid and reworked the edgings until it was the best I could do.

 There now : does that not look good?! Ready for promenading in Rome?
Or driving along the Amalfi coastline? I'm thinking white jeggings, white fit flop sandals and navy bold needle-lace camisole. Chic Italian style?!
 Just the buttons left to choose or make from the navy yarn.

Another little project took my fancy today: below is  a wee make-up bag that I got given as it would be thrown out, it's tremendously useful as it's an ideal size BUT it's bug-ugly!
 So I whipped up some Meditteranean sea bobbles to add colour and texture.

This is DROPS sock yarn and I am using a 4 mm hook working 5 treble bobbles and then 3 dc and then a row of dc, after which I stagger the bobbles into the middle stitch of those three dc.

And my final CURRENT crochet project on-the go is the tank top with slanting rows from Interweave.  I have one side done and am working on the back now.
I'm using KATIA variegated cotton in blue-greens and a 4 mm hook.

Pattern by Linda Skuja. But I have changed the neckline and sleeve cap.
Trying to take the photo, it's just after 2 am- Lucy got up and was fed up with waiting, she wants me to go to bed so she can come too!

 Here she is trying to gain my attention.
 She's just got back from the groomers- IS  she not BEAUTIFUL??? GORGEOUS!
And this look says: COME ON MUMMY it's time for bed!   Good night.

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