Sunday, 19 June 2016

To the BEACH on Father's Day.

 Ho, hey there I am one very COOL dog. Chillin' man.
Plan was for Father's Day to do what  JJ wanted  and that was a trip to the beach and Miss E chose which   beach to go to but with the proviso that we had not been before. We were to leave at 10 am so we actually left at 11:30 that's how it works in families with teens and dogs. Lucy came with us,because the exercise is needed for her hind legs.
 Here  she's chillin' with sunglasses and this meant much hilarity in the car.

 It took 2 hours and then we arrived at a blustery and very wet beach near Bournemouth.
 But hay we COULD SEE THE SEA! That is much missed when you live in the middle of the country nowhere near a sea and both JJ and I miss it as we both grew up near a sea albeit in different places.

 But it was cold and wet and windy.... Got wetter there in a few minutes than I did all day last week for the parade?!

 Still went for the walk along the beach though, just to sniff the salt in the air.

 Key dad moment: DAD with his two girls in conference.

 Whilst I am taking photos and exercising Lucy and admiring the colours of the pebbles.

 Lucy is not impressed by all this rain. And pebbles are very difficult to walk on with wobbly back legs, good exercise though. Bit of physio for her. She had a rest after a bit.

mmm, can I climb up these rocks then?
 Watching the sea come in...

 Time to walk back, have our picnic lunch and dry out?!!!

 Yep, that' s me, very wet indeed. The coat was less effective than last week's plastic poncho.
 JJ had brought picnic basket and rugs etc. But also lots of yummy food which we ate in the car but with a view of the sea!

A very wet Lucy keeps a longing eye on Miss E's salmon salad.

couscous for JJ and smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich for me.
 Then hot tea or coffee for us and hot chocolate for the girls.
Alas unbeknown to me I lost my little brown make-up bag here as it slid off my lap?!
I was crocheting the cover shown in yesterday's post.
 Prom Diner Boscombe this was, lovely hot tea but no telephone number on the receipt and we cannpt find it on google?
I did not yet know I'd lost it then. JJ drove to the Sands where we'd had lunch last year. Still wet. Hence view of mudflats and boats from car only. I'm still soaked through.

 Lucy rests her head on the way home, she was in the front all the way home.

Memories of the sea video:

There, a peaceful bit of the sea coming in without the five hours of driving .

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