Friday, 24 June 2016

The make -up purse finished- BOBBLE CROCHET

Using Drops FABEL sock yarn in # 340 a shade called Blue Lagoon I set out to cover a very useful but ugly make-up bag. It's perfect in that it fits an eye pencil, mascara, lipstick and lipcote, nailclippers and a fold toothbrush. All I need for going dancing after work for a quick re-fresh after a long day in the office.
I decided colour- my fave turquoise- and texture was the answer so I worked these bobbles all over and added a holding loop, then sewed the lot in one piece to the existing bag.
It took about 20 rows of bobbles, so 40 rows in all.
I worked 5 treble bobbles by working part trebles into one stitch 5 times then pulling the yarn through and sealing with a chain, then a dc in the next stitch and the bobbles appear on the opposite side of the one being worked. I placed 3 dc between the bobbles so I could stagger them and work a bobble in the middle dc on the next bobble row.
Between bobble rows I worked plain dc all the way across- UK crochet terms being used here.

It only used a remnant of the sock wool I had lying in my leftover stash. I used a 4mm hook.

The make up bag was about 16 cm by 18cm.
i am very happy with the result!

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