Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blackbird chicks

Here we are: your first glimpse of one of our dear blackbird chicks!
The nest is in that hedge over there, by the garden table and we can see the parent blackbirds coming and going all day from the kitchen window.
Here's looking at you, kid. Mama blackbird with a white tail feather.
Standing on the table and angling down with the camera: we look inside the well-hidden nest...
Oh, the first time I saw this mass of vibrating feathers I just about cried a little. Unbelievably, it moved up and down at a great rate, like there's kangaroos jumping about inside those chick-tummies...
Ooooh so cute, a mass of damp feathers and fluff, we think there may be three chicks.

Sometimes you see 3 pale yellow stretched open-wide beaks and hear some quiet squeeking, when mum comes back with a juicy fat worm.
There is one, mum or dad must be nearby or they'd be huddled down.
Like this.
Lilac flowers in a nearby garden: the SCENT was AMAZING , shame this isn't smelly-vision.
And finally I wanted to capture the rapeseed fields on the by-pass as they look quite stunningly fluorescent yellow: like they are glowing even on overcast days and even though they are creating havoc with eyes and nose- hayfever is here- I wished to capture and record the glory as at 15-17th April 2011.

Miss Y practiced some lovely beading on Friday and Saturday.
I have been playing with some motifs from issue 17 Inside Crochet......

See you again soon I hope, I will post more of the chicks if I have a chance. Meanwhile: enjoy and happy hooking!

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