Monday, 4 April 2011

Very Windy Day by the SEA: a BEACH

Happy Birthday J!!! A very cold and windy day out at West Wittering beach. It had been sunny just 2 days earlier, but this day here in Sussex was grey and wery wery WINDY! ( hence the chill: bbrrrrrrrrrrbbbrrrrrrrrr)
Contemplative Pips: off lead and all that sand and sea: whatever next?
Are youm coming or not, PIPPA?

Hey. folks are you coming? This is TERRIFIC! Lucy is in her element.
Windswept Pippa- ears and eyebrows swept aside.

Bye bye pretty sand patterned ribbled beach.
What was that exactly? Is that a blessing?
Local Cathedral : guess which one?
Pretty big clue this one.

CROCHET cardigan in TOPSHOP window display.
Crochet in New Look window.....And no I did NOT buy anything, nada, nyet, nothing.
Pretty blossom and wow doesn't that building look DUTCH?!!!

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