Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day part one

It was ''THAT DAY'' today and we were all glued to our TV by 9 am this morning right through to about 1.45pm. Here's a little preview and I hope to show and share all my wee gems tomorrow? I did a bit of crochet in white ( of course!) 4 ply cotton : motifs in lace. We were all dressed for the occasion in navy, red and white: very patriotic and had celebratory home-baked chocolate brownies.

Bye bye for now for I am exhausted with all this wedding emotion etc, but I have well over 150 photos and hope to share these over one or a few of the next days...

Suffice to say I cried buckets at the vows bit and the Blessing and sang along with the hymns , especially JERUSALEM and the God Save the Queen, much to the disapproval of Miss E.

Miss Y is away at a sleepover party now and JJ and Miss E went to see THOR in 3D but I was happy to walk the dogs and watch it all over again with my camera handy the second time around.

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