Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cuttlebrook Flowers

Mama bird still on her nest so we take the dogs out for some peace and quiet.
I notice the field is suddenly dotted with dandelions or as Miss E used to say : daddy lions.
Flowers are ''on my mind'': teaching a crocheted flowers class tomorrow evening in Henley.
Still not quite able to focus the fancy camera foisted upon me as a birthday present last year...
Blosson trees in the hardens bordering Cuttlebrook.

And the last of the tulips too.
Such glorious blossom, it looks like fluffy pom poms on a tree from afar.
Wild flowers too, the more I look the more I see.

Even the nettles have started flowering. And the first of the bluebells. All these photos were taken on the same walk within a half hour of each other. On 11th April.

The first leaves of the silver birch and a grand flowering hawthorn.

Wild garlic I believe- the white above.

a carpet of forget-me-nots.

Borage as well, we used to have these in our Pimms on a summer's day?( from our garden)

Mama blackbird gone for some foraging, will be back with a worm soon.

,, Kids had fun in a den in the garden all day. Good old fashioned fun!

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