Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 15

Sunday 15th March 2009 and most of the time these puppies still sleep as above, cute and adorable sleeping puppies.
Both Jack and Tom opened their eyes yesterday but it's hard to capture on camera as they sleep so much!!!
I tried to meassure Lucy Friday and she was over 34 cm and if you click on the picture below you can just see it, but the flash reflected off the ruler...And Pippa when she saw the ruler was quite cross with me and pushed it to the edge of the box away from her babes.

I love the way they always sleep close together, preferably as here with some on top of the others, most usually it's Tom lying on top of Jack and Lucy, but I think this is Lucy and Tom on top of Jack.

Just shwoing you the daily weighing routine - sorry it's not quite in focus, they scrabble to get out of the box!!!

Can't get enough of these contented wrinkly puppy sleeping faces, such peace, such trust, such serenity.........Carefree and happy to sleep and await whatever comes next , preferably the next feed from mummy, yummy!
They'll start being weaned later this week and they are definately more curious when awake, they lick each other ( and the newspapers) now . Mum too has started licking and grooming their coats and faces and licks their snouts and ears too now.
Tom climbed up at the entrance opening to the box today: a little head appeared and he tried to climb up to see more but gave up and went back to sleep.
Lucy can be seen to start ''standing'' below, she staggered drunkenly across the box today: very funny! Trying to push herself up to stand on her feet and then wobbled on her tiny legs, trying to walk.
You can see her feet and legs are not splayed out either side of her but tucked under her body as they try to take her weight. You'd think it was easier on 4 legs than 2 but to see Lucy this morning it clearly was NOT so easy.....

They are all well over one kg now and started their first bit of worming treatment: they did try to spit it all out: yukky thick white liquid that was NOT as nice as mummy's milk....But once it dribbled out of their mouths a tiny pink tongue would dart out and lick it all up again.Aaaaaaaah.
Lots more grwoing and development to be done tonight, see you tomorrow?

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