Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 25

Hello and welcome back and due to the scarcity of puppy photos recently there's a lot here today!

First to say that they still spend most of their day either asleep or feeding with mum and Jack here enjoys a quiet spell with the newspapers just like grandad ....
It's much harder with the print being upside down. Or is he deep in thought???
Then in between those main activities : there's playing to be done and a bit of biting....
Tom and Jack do this mostly ; they don't have any teeth yet.
Lucy has had her first teeth come through yesterday but she's less keen on the playbiting anyway.

Here's the 2 boys at it , they do it to mum too and she is NOT amused but tolerates it with a big lick across their faces if they go on too long.
Then at 4pm we give them a milky weetabix meal and it gets EVERYWHERE....

It started by being licked off our fingers , ooooh tickly!!! But they are happy to lick a teaspoon now and we keep mum well away until the pups lose interest and then she eats the remainder.

Back to PLAYTIME: let's play chase!!! Tom starts this game by holding Jack's tail and Jack tries to make a getaway... Here's mum in the background cleaning the dish. After playtime it's back to the main pen and another sleep. Can you guess who this is? Answer provided tomorrow! ( the one on it's back)
We have had to ''close the drawbridge'' to the puppy pen today as they have shown an unhealthy interest in climbing out! This weekend we'll be working on a new play area in the kitchen - a special puppy run with toys...! For sunny daytimes only.

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