Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 11, no really this time!

How could I do that? I labelled yesterday ALL WRONG!

Oooopsie sorry about that, must have been every bit as tired as I was feeling! Yesterday was day 10 NOT 11 and it should have been obvious as day 1 was on March 1st so at present we're keeping time with the month.......

Here are the carrot tops flourishing nicely although I don't think you can see the 2 tiny fronds starting on the far left one.
And below are those Daffodils you saw in bud only about a week ago!

I thought I'd show you the proud PARENTS of the pups , but as I had to take a photo of an on-screen photo the dad may be a bit blurry.He's the very smart and gorgeous one on the left .
The on the right is mum in her -just been to the grooming lady- looks not her usual scruffy self at all.

And then there's Lucy the FIRST to OPEN her eyes TODAY!!!

She can't quite see yet and the picture was taken hastily and in daylight as I won't be using a flash while she's learning to see. Her retina would not be able to cope and we're soooo excited she opened her eyes we don't want her shutting them in fright just yet!!!( or at all)
So all pictures have to be in natural daylight from now on.
Jack and Tom have not yet followed suit.
More tomorrow, t'was a hard night with 4 visits from mum who joined me on the sofa and decided to wake me for cuddles and feeds and just a bit of TLC. ( a bit hard to come by at 3 am)
Hence I'm moving back to a real bed tonight.

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