Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 18: First STEPS taken.

Hello again, well feeding has taken on a whole new dimension, they do it with their eyes open now and when Pippa rolls onto her back : they stay on! She used to shake them off this way as the teats would move out of reach and she'd relax for a while .
No longer. They sit up on their hind legs and can reach up and over...

Below is Jack in front, Lucy in the middle and Tom at the far right, his head is darker and smaller than the other two. And his feeding technique is also still a bit unique... They have ALL started ''walking'' today, I woke up to see Lucy walk before breakfast and very comical it was too, but already miles better than yesterday.

Below is Jack ''walking'' : I have tried to capture a few steps on camera- see if it conveys the idea? First you tuck all legs UNDER your body and arch your back to accomodate them- now you look like a furry brown lump....
Then you sssstreeeetch out your lovely long back and try to stop your big tummy hitting the floor. Nose down and tail out now. Legs still by your side.
OK! Good! Now watch where you're going, this looking and seeing lark is still a bit new too ....AAH, let's turn right a bit and keep pushing on all four legs, oooh a bit tricky this. My left paw has come down and my hind legs are getting a bit tired now...Wobble wobble wobble.

Tail out to steer.

Oh goodie now a straight stretch, step, step step- hey presto! I've arrived ! I can lick my big sister on the nose. And she licks me right back. Kiss kiss. Bye sis.

Ok I'm going to turn right again now to keep going. Won't disturb Tom who's also been ''wobbling along'' and who has climbed onto Bis sis as usual.

Here below is Tom on Lucy's back and Jack in the top right corner continuing his journey.

If you click on the above you can see Tom has his eyes open.They always congregate together for a sleep and have started licking each other: face,ears,back, anywhere really...

And I caught Tom biting- or gumming as the teeth aren't through yet- Jack's tail today when Jack was obstructing Tom's access to mum and her teats.

''Baby barks ''are also happening : less of a squeak .Loud screechy squeaks are reserved for when someone has been stepped on or sat on or is being gummed on a part of their anatomy...

They also turn their heads to sounds from us now, and know my scent as they settle when I pick them up but squeak with anyone else.

Pippa is a simply marvellous mum, feeding every 3-4 hours or so , and constantly washing and grooming each one in turn. Keeping the box clean too.

She has breaks from the puppy room when she comes to play with her toys, stalks the birds in our garden and comes out for walks. She rests in her own basket keeping watch over the puppy pen.

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