Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 19 A sleepy kind of day

Today was a simply BRILLIANT day for me but I feel this may not be the same for Pippa .
We were all away all day at work/school and I whilst did pop home at lunchtime to feed her and let her play in the garden, she missed her run on the grass of the cricket field above.

It was SUCH a lovely day too!!! Such blue skies and warm sunshine: utter bliss!
For me the work day went exceptionally well and I ordered some yarns in cheery bright colours which I'm getting very excited about and to top it all my piano lesson was just wonderful too.

So it's lucky lucky me and poor old Pippa who probably spent ALL DAY feeding again.

Not many pictures as we simply weren't here to take them. There was a bit of filming at 4.30 pm of Tom ''walking'' but have yet to figure out how to put that on a site and then link it....
Tom wags his fat little tail as he walks.... sooooooo funny!
So here are the ''last'' of the feeding pictures I'll probably take, we start WEANING tomorrow!
A HUGE tub of Whelpi - substitute puppy milk- has been ordered and has arrived this week and we'll see if they like it after school tomorrow, plan is to mix it with mushy weetabix and feed by finger and then by spoon......

Then we'll all be much busier say the books: as we'll have to keep the puppies clean and keep the pen clean too as mum will most likely give up on those tasks.
I'm planning a great present for the BEST MUM I know right now- she'll have a big spoiling session on Sunday and THAT'S my PIPPA!

Ps JJ is nagging me to get on with advertising the two dog- puppies for sale but I must admit I find that rather hard as yet. Clearly not a breeder nor a suitably commercially minded person....
But if anyone OUT THERE knows of a really really REALLY good home and a person who knows and loves, nay ADORES dachshunds- can you let them know?
Leave me a comment?
Bye for now- more pictures tomorrow!

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