Monday, 2 March 2009


What a FABULOUS day : I still can't believe how serene, content and utterly happy and joyful it has been.
I had been up hourly all night from 2 am checking on the dog with her puppies because just after dinner she'd sat on a puppy and ignored the ensuing squeals. This was a tad worrying to say the least so I decided to keep watch- with ears all night- and with eyes once an hour between 2 am and 6 am.
And yet . And yet : I awoke to THIS WONDERFUL MORNING!

Bright blue skies make my heart sing, it's just so cheerful! I could have danced in the garden at 6 am in PJ'S and a wintercoat and crocs when supervising the dog on her first trip out since the op.

Blue skies, buddding branches and crocuses too! Not a cloud in the sky and all day at home to potter and watch the puppies, do some crochet, some sewing and lavish lots of TLC on the dog and her pups.

As my eldest was off at 7 am on an outward bound week with school our little family was down to 3 people and 4 dogs but where I expected I might be sad or worried I was not. I was glad and hopeful that she was going to have an amazing time. Big hugs in the kitchen, a lovely breakfast together and then a quick tear or to as off she went for the first ever time away without parents.

Then after the school run with number two it was just me and the dogs: I have never seen such young puppies before so to have 3 all to myself to watch over all day was amazzzzzzing!!!
They have 7 teats to choose from but they fight over the same one. They squeak a lot but they can't hear it; it's purely for mum's benefit....After feeding little Tom always climbs up mum's neck and hides his head under the flap of her ear: soooo sweet!
When mum want relief from swollen engorged teats she licks their bottoms vigorously until they sqeal and ''swim'' across to her- they can't walk or crawl properly yet so it's a paddling motion mostly with the 2 front paws: cute is not the word for it LOL!

Tom also likes it UNDER mum's front paw.
It's day 2 and they are starting to wag their tiny tails whilst asleep and on waking they ssssssstttrrrretch out the front and back paws so far: you'd think they were made of elastic! This is accompanied by a grrrrruuuunt which is not dissimilar to that which eminates from my beloved most mornings.....AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh

When feeding they ''paddle'' their paws along mum's skin to milk the teat: tiny paws and even tinier claws constantly raking up and down.

Below is Jack junior having a bit of shut-eye while keeping a paw to be sure of big-sister's whereabouts. These two are seen feeding side by side above.

And finally here's Tiny Tom getting to grips with the serious business of learning to suckle, in this case he had a helping hand from me - those breastfeeding lessons of 11 years ago very useful again sooner than expected!-the teat was engorged so I milked it a bit until he could ''get a grip'' and helped him latch on. Surpisingly it's the same method as for human babies and nipples....

Aren't his ears cute? I trust- and hope!- they'll grow and drop to hang down eventually.
Stay close and I'll be sharing the development of these little treasures with any who visit here.

The cast are Tiny Tom, Jack junior ( dad was also a Jack) and Lucy- Loubi-loo or even Lulu and their mum of whom I am soooo proud I just can't find the words.
We've survived the first 36 hours and now let's hope it goes well onwards from here.
For me it's been one of those magical mystery days, discovering and learning by watching their behaviours whilst also tending to mum's needs and relaxing with some crochet and sewing- more of that later I promise.
It's back to work tomorrow after watching over them again all night but I'll try to come home as soon as possible to watch and report. It's JJ 's turn to watch over them 9am-3pm tomorrow- that's hubbie NOT the puppy.

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