Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 29 more feeding and adventures...

What a lovely weekend, mum had several lovely walks in the sun and the puppies continued to sleep , feed and play.
They were a bit annoyed that breakfast was an hour later this morning, but went for it in a hearty way.
Then the after breakfast playtime included several adventures out and cuddles after which they were found to be investigating their own independent forays into the wider world....
''Hey what you reckon :Jack you coming with me? ''Said Lucy invitingly....

''MMMM look! it's not so easy with mum's book pushed away but still possible?''
''Nah, I'm not coming I'm for a nap on the red rug now it's back it smells funny but is nice'n warm and I'm tired....''

Then after several hours sleeping on the red rug...
YUmmy yummy I just LOVE this yellow lumpy milky stuff, move over I want it all!!!

Jack and Lucy share a bowl , at 2.1kg and 2.6 kg they're a good match for each other.
And Tom at 1.9 kg has a bowl all of his own and the others don't even notice!!
Ta for a few days now as we have some big birthdays to celebrate and the end of term has many events including a school play and so on. See you again just before or in the Easter school holidays!
Ps the answer to the question as to who sleeps on his back was : Jack!!!

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