Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dachshund Diaries day 6 and 7

Aren't they lovely? I had yesterday off and found them in Cuttlebrook our local nature reserve area. I'm sorry I did not write or blog yesterday: guess what I was doing? I had the day off and I made a great long list of ''things to do'' and then........I fell asleep!!! I slept soundly for just over 4 hours, in the daytime lying in the lovely sunshine on our sofa.....Well I HAD just completed my seventh night of not sleeping more than a few ( 2 at most) hours at a time....and less than 5 per night.
I woke up just in time to pick my daughter up from school and we took these pictures, the horse is her pencilcase which just HAD to be IN the picture.

WELL? Did you guess ? It was Lucy as you could see some of her nipples. And here she is again on day 7 as above. ALL of them have now more than doubled their weight since birth and are also considerably larger. My book tells me they'll open thier eyes any time after day 7 but not be able to see until after day 10.....

The next 2 little shots are for you to judge how big they have become as it's relative to the red mats and did you see??? We now have 2 of these mats: one for mum and one for the puppies.
This one above is Tom and below are Jack ( on the mat) and Lucy lying beside the mat. Lucy is now longer than 21 cm in fact almost 26cm long.
And we'll say goodbye for now with Lucy in the finale: she's started licking her lips and leaving her tongue out as she sleeps. She's also almost ''standing'' on her hind legs if that's what's needed to drink.( if mum sits or stands up while feeding)

And here's Tom cuddled right up to mum in his favourite place: right in the fur around her neck .
You can almost not see him there!

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