Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dachshund Diaries day 3

Hello again : here they are at the end of day 3. They have had a day full of feeding and sleeping and are very clearly thriving on all of the lovely milk they are getting!

Just to help picture them better: JJ at the bottom of the photo above now measures about 18 cm from head to the beginning of his tail and this morning at 8 am he weighed: 396 grammes.

Little lady Lucy has gained a whopping 154 grammes from being born at 406 grammes she weighed in at 560 g's this morning!

Tom boy was 274 g's and this morning he'd gone to 376 g's , but this is getting too mathmatical?!!
They squeak and grunt and Tom especially has a knack of sounding like ''rubber bubbles being blown'' whilst feeding! It's really quite an orchestra when they are all at it : a puppy symphonie..

We have plans to link this blog to a video of them on YOUTUBE but bear with me as I'm not all that geeky-technical and Big JJ ( not puppy) may well need to help out a bit.
I've filmed some lovely bits yesterday but how to upload and then link them- ooops I'm just a wee bit too tires to figure that out just now.

We've been to the vet for check-ups and all is well , sound hearts and lungs, strong legs, no cleft palates, all that sort of thing - of course Tom sang loudly while being held and especially when there was a tiny stethoscope on his chest!!! Mum joined in with very loud whining and whistling as she was most concerned as to what was happening to her brood.

Mum too was examined and is just about 89% back to normal- apart from her enormous dangly teats of course...Can anyone tell me if they'll dissappear afterwards?

I have been at work for most of the day and missed them terribly at first then just got on with the nitty gritty, back at home I've been crocheting and finishing my backpack- TA DAHHH!!!

SEE BELOW, FRONT AND BACK VIEWS, the back has the straps. The front a flap which is very hard to distinguish from the rest until you ''spot'' the large ball for fastening it? Can you see it now? Can you? Keep looking!

I'll post the pattern onto here or Ravelry with a link , sometime in April probably.

More puppy development and stitchery later in the week, I can't promise tomorrow as I have a sleep deficit: still only getting 3 hours max per night....

OOOH just to let you know as I finish there's loud smacking, ''wet'' sounds behind me , where the pups are , Lucy has woken up and is feeding again,
yummy mummy; squelch squelch, smack, smack- lip smacking good....

See you soon I hope? Do please leave a comment, is there anyone out there??????!

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