Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 24

Can I go back a day or two? To Mother's day? I have to say it was a most moving and spendid sort of day for me and many thanks to all who made it that way, mostly of course due to my husband: THANK YOU JJ!!!

It started a little early- 6 am- as my youngest turned 9 and was oh sooo excited to open her presents that she could wait no longer.....
However she was whisked off fairly promptly and then the homemade cards and home made chocolates made an entrance and I was in tears of joy......It was the cards that always do it for me- that lump in the throat and then you read what they really think and see those drawings and you go oooh how did they get so clever and sweet ?

Then I got up and had a very busy few hours baking a birthday cake : TA DAH above and sorting out the puppies with food and weighing them and changing their papers, washing the red covers by hand to dry in the sunshine, walking the dog in that lovely sunshine....

AND THEN and then : I got very wet, very very wet and HAPPY.First it was a little crochet ( SUCH a treat) and a bit of Doris Day- good ol' ITV 3 had a series of films just for Mother's day!

And then it was a bit more crochet and lots of tears during '' POLYANNA'' - another film which I was allowed to watch entirely in blissful crochety peace...aaaaaah ...Even the choccies could not stop the flow.
After that it was off to my daughter's rollerskating party with the cake and then it was birthday fuss from then on in, great fun absolutely terrific. Nothing better than 9 giggly smiling faces on little girls enjoying themselves at a party.

Today: let's get back to the puppies: they are eating a saucer of ''mush'' once a day and fall asleep half way through being fed... We all take part, trying to feed one pup each but they do walk from one to the other and eat off each other's faces.
Mum has to be locked away and whines furiously until she's allowed in, then she rushes to eat what's left even though she's just been given her own tea in the kitchen....

This is Tom having a look around suspiciously.....

And below is Jack being tickled on his tummy, in his preferred position: on his back.
Lucy is now off the scale... the scales read ''ERROR'' as she's over 2 kg now and that's the limit on my kitchen digital scales...She's still the one least interested in mush and more keen to keep suckling her mum. She has also developed a baby ''growl''- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggrrrrrrrrrrr
No more pictures today as my camera battery was ''dead'' and I was poorly yesterday- was it those choccies????Or the chicken???

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