Monday, 16 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 16

Such a lovely SUNNY morning that my heart sang and my feet danced and I thought: TIME TO GO GREEN: let's cycle to school and to work....!!!!
Alas the kids did not share this enthusiasm, mainly due to a sleepover party for 8 girls approximating 11 years of age who happened to stay up giggling and chatting till 5 am on Sunday morning.... Hence the balloons which still adorn both sides of the door.

Might as well leave them there, my youngest will be 9 next Sunday- YES Mothering Sunday will be postponed yet again- this has happened before- but hopefully not indefinately this time...

We reached a compromise with me cycling to work and them having a lift in the car but agreeing to walk home with me and my bike ( loaded like a pack horse) at the end of the school day.

Isn't that soooooo sweeeeet?! And so astute!!!Let's fall asleep on mum but keep the teat within easy reach so it's there when we wake up.

This is in advance of the BIG DAY: she's helping me weigh the pups and of course on the way from the whelping box to the scales is a lovely BIG CUDDLE!!!
It's one of the boys but I can't tell which one. Lucky he didn't relive himself in any way in her hand as they do have a tendency to do now.

Busily climbing up and over her shoulder and LOOK!!!
HERE he is from the other side keeping an eye out for where he is exactly ( and more importantly: where's mum?). They keep watch for mum and cry loudly if she isn't in sight.
No worries there, as soon as we lift one out of the box she comes and sits on the feet of the person holding a pup- she glares at you as if to say: TAKE CARE I'M WATCHING!

And in true presentational style I'll finish how I started: we all came home with the metal steed well loaded up with coats,fleeces,lunchboxes,backpacks and my bags from work and books from the library to name but a few items. GLORIOUSLY SUNNY AND REALLY QUITE WARM!!!

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