Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 17: First COATLESS day of the year!!!

Today was the first day of the year we could go without coats! Sunny and warm as well as glorious blue skies : what more could one want??!

Today was the day both girls got excellent certificates in Kumon maths which makes all those hours marking the papers during the week feel so very worthwhile...!!!! WELL DONE GIRLS!

Today was also puppy cuddle day, well actually ehm uhuh, for us it's cuddle day every day and believe you me we ARE counting our blessings BUT today I will try to share some of those cuddles with you....

First there's Lucy exploring my daughters mane of hair....Snuffle snuffle snuffle: that does NOT smell like mummy...?

There's Jack sniffing a Brownie badge and finding it not to his taste....Eyes closed because he's concentrating! What can this be?
Then Lucy came to me and I'm trying to convey here how she looks and feels and the sheer pleasure of holding her..........She's HUGE now of course, well compared to 2 weeks ago, BUT actually she's still so very small , a wee baby and oh so vulnerable, dependent and soooo sweeeet. And soooooo SOFT, did I mention soft? Silky smooth , warm and soft: I'm in Heaven!

There are the little snuffles she makes, the little sounds, the licking and the sniffing, totally adorable so here I am looking kookey and not a little squiffy- no but I'm not Honestly NOT, I'm simply besotted with these little doggy babies.

And then after all the cute noises and the snuffling,sniffing,smooching suddenly she simply:
falls asleep.
Right there in your arms: aaaaah soooo trusting, sooo safe.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she snores contentedly.

And here's the length of her. They have ALL now quadrupled their weight .They seem so huge compared to just 16 days ago..........And yet they are so tiny compared to their adult mum.

And Oh yes I have to say they are all learning to stand up and walk, well I say walk: it's more of a toddle at the moment, a swagger, a tittery totter,wobbly wanderings.
Hence the white rug in the box, helping them get a grip as they slid so helplessly on all that slippery newspaper... We have tried to capture it as a photo but it hasn't really worked.
Our paltry efferts are below but it's more of a comedy act that last only a few seconds before they flop down again. Infact Jack was doing quite well when Tom swaggered into him and not stopping he then climbed onto Jack's back thus scuppering any further efforts to stand or walk.

Mum looks on bemused.

And then they were off: two of them ''walking'' on wobbly legs and flopping down this way and that on the way to the other side of the box....

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