Friday, 20 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 20 weaning starts...

Starting with a little brooch on a card for my mum which I made Wednesday night.....

We have decided we'll make Mother's day special for Pippa on Sunday!!!

As these puppies are now walking and that's a few days early as they are expected to stand by 3 weeks old- tomorrow- according to the books....
And they are licking each other which is in the photo above but he moved his head so you can't see the pink pupppy tongue- hence I thought we could start weaning them to give Pippa a break.

Well there was Jack who was NOT remotely interested. Kept yawning and only wanted to go back to sleep. Lucy had a quick lick at the mush on my finger but she wasn't keen either.
And then there was Tom who has only put on about 10 g ( vs 100g by the other two- EACH) today : he wriggled and wriggled and made a lot of noise but he liked the mush, ate several finger tip fulls and even licked it off a teaspoon! I was so busy feeding that we didn't get any photos of it yet.
Below is a boxfull of puppies who were moved temporarily so we can clean the pen and replace the newspapers. The ''rug'' got washed today so they were skating on the papers again: stand- ssslip, slide, stand, slip slide, stand oooh this is sssso ssslippery and frustrating!!!

The box is 45 cm by 28 cm to give you a sense of scale and they weigh almost 4kg alltogether now. Can you spot who lies where?
And finally for today a few pictures of Tom but as he was so very wriggly they are not quite in focus! Didn't use a flash either due to his eyes being open now and they are definately seeing !

He's also having some more weetabix'n puppy milk mush from a finger/ hand- lick lick lick.

And he was soooo adventurous he had a go at a white t-shirt too.

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