Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dachshund Diaries day 5

Day 5 dawns and even less sleep than ever was had last night!

At least my carrot tops are starting to grow: WOW ! Such a great colour and lovely GREEN shoots- all feathery and soft and so hopeful!

Did you used to grow these as a kid? I did and it takes me back I can tell you. Luckily my own kids adore this sort of thing it's just so rewarding to watch them grow so fast!

Talking of fast growth: the pups were at it a lot last night: squeaking away every hour or so and poor mum got quite FED UP with the whole business of just lying there and being tugged at by lusty youngsters...

Here she is when she walked out of the whelping box for some rest : she got into her old basket and looked dolefully at me: Can I have a break now?

I'm ready for some : ''ME'' time!!! Besides this basket is soooo much more comfortable than those newspapers in that wooden box... GIVE ME SOME PEACE.

Don't you agree ? That sulky look says it all doesn't it. And who can blame her? She had a carefree existence of playtimes, sleep and eating with a few walks and some cuddles thrown in .And WHAM here she is confined to a box with demanding sucky babes, all that responsibility!

The bottom washing, the lying on one's side for hours on end, the lack of outdoor walks, huh no fun.

This is what 80 % of the time is devoted to: acting like a milk machine....might as well be a cow? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Mind you have you seen how big they are getting? And how they line up side by side? So cute!!
Every day I weigh them and here is A holding Lucy who is a bit more relaxed and laid back today and not nearly as wriggly.
Let's have some statistics after all : after the first 5 days ; at 4.30 pm today they had gained weight as follows:
Lucy : gained 330g equivalent to 81% gain from her birth weight.
Jack jnr : gained 232g or 79%
Tom: gained 200g or 73% but don't worry I'm quite sure he'll catch up when the weaning process starts 10 or more days from now.
Here they are asleep after a feed: the red mat is a heat pad and measures: 33cm by 44 cm so you get some idea of scale.
ooooooooh I forgot to TELL YOU!!! ALL of these pictures are CLICKABLE : which means if you click on them they appear very much bigger on your screen and you an enlarge even more or look at specific area in more detail. GOOD EH? Boy I DO love technology!

Just before we say goodbye for now to the puppies: here is GUESS WHO?- much more relaxed and even more confident- if that's possible- now lying quite voluntarily on it's back.
HA , I didn't say he or she did I? Did you guess? Try clicking it and searching for clues....

Let's leave today on the cheerful note that the birdfeeders- wonderfully colourful and eco - sound as they ARE recycled materials- will very soon no longer be needed unlike this morning when we had another sharp FROST. Yes my daughters made this one, at Brownies I believe.

And as a celebratory note : some balloons for a party we will have for some birthdays in March.

Bye for now and hope to catch up with you again , I'll let you know WHO in the photo above too so please DO come back to see us all again soon?
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