Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dachshund diaries day 21: 3 weeks old today!!!

Well here are those carrot tops from a while ago: they've grown but not as fast as those puppies!
Mum enjoying the sunshine in the garden today- she was brushed this morning but you can't really tell can you? She'll be going for a grooming and stripping session next week....

We had the puppies out in the living room today on the washed white quilt to encourage walking?

They weren't that keen and mum came running in when she found we'd moved them, sat down in the middle of the quilt and proceeded to feed them.

Only Lucy was on the ''wrong'' side of mum when she lay down so we thought: great we'll get pictures of her walking round mum- will she go around the head or around the tail end?
Turns out: neither!!! Lucy took the most DIRECT route to a teat: she climbed right OVER mum.

Top view:
It was very funny. A bit later we fed Tom and Jack some babydog milk with weetabix, mixed to a thin gruel consistency. They licke dit eagerly off our finger and tried to such a finger- such hard gums, teeth will be coming soon....
Lucy was not interested at all and Tom ''ate'' the most.
I'm having a day off blogging tomorrow for reasons of Mother's day and my daughter's birthday as well as her party..... See you Monday?

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