Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shrove Tuesday

Hello and HAPPY SHROVE TUESDAY otherwise known as pancake day of course!!!

I have just finished work, walked the dog and taken the children to their ''Kumon'' lessons which helps them with their maths skills as the primary school they attend does not really help them in the most essential of skills.

Let's avoid a discussion of this and concentrate on the jolly and colourful day I began with.
First of all a cup of tea by the flowers in the kitchen and grinding up a tablet of raspberry leaf tea to give part to the dog to help her with her imminent whelping. ( that's having puppies by the way- I only learned that the other day!)

Then on with some carrot sticks for lunch- the dog loves the ribbons of carrot peel and I prefer homemade ones to the bags of machined sticks you can buy- these just taste so much better?

The girls and I have them in our luchboxes with yummy tomato-houmous.( from an unnamed but popular local supermarket)

Birds were singing early today and the sounds of Spring always cheer me up enormously, how about you? Been a bit down lately what with work being a tad tedious and the economy and all the bad news about people's jobs etc etc.
So the blackbirds singing their little hearts out were just great such a treat and there's more: lambs in a field just up the road and lots of piglets on the way to the Kumon centre. Showy white snowdrops in abundance everywhere: in the graveyard by the church, around the cricket pitch and by the roadside.

I will try to capture them on camera this week if I can.
Oooh the smell the pancakes is drifting into my workroom from the kitchen: H( for husband) is frying the pancakes and it smells DIVINE! yum : I'll be off to eat them but I leave you with the applecakes my eldest made at the weekend: if you're tempted I'll post the recipe in the next visit!!!

MMMM they are every bit as delicious as they look!
And as a goodbye for now here is the crochet backpack that I'll be working on tonight at the local sticth'n bitch group.
Didn't think I'd leave with no stitching in view did you?

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