Monday, 5 September 2016

Starting the road to recovery from foot surgery...

This is the before photo with the surgeon's purple dots indicating which toes will be reconfigured.
Also showing the effect that skin is rubbed off if I ever try to wear a shoe.
 It's day surgery! I was operated on in the morning and by 5 pm I was going home, but here I was briefly dozing in the hospital after a healthy lunch: tuna sandwich on brown and a fat free yogurt.
The foot is encased in bandages and a protective velcro shoe.
 Back home and after much fussing the girls bring a delighted Lucy to have a short cuddle on the bed... She's been scratching at the door and whining.
 She looks at the affected foot and is so not impressed. That's no walkies for a while then?

If I stare at it that funny black shoe will dissappear?

 Then later to protect from potential licking of exposed toes the affected foot gained a red ''hat''.
The other leg has to have a compressing stocking for 2 weeks to prevent DVTs.
While mostly lying in bed for 2 days with the right leg raised above hip level I had fun scanning Pinterest and discovered these fabulous Mochila bags - based on a traditional Indian tribe?
The Wayuu?
And I have watched a few videos on tapestry crochet although I was already familiar with the principles.
Have also done - but only a little- crochet on my 2016 navy crochet skirt : this is it thus far:

My own pattern which I will be writing up soon but I am still playing with how it will develop.
 This non tangling advice video was particularly good and I loved it that it is a Dutch author.
 So for 2 days I have had a constant companion at the end of the bed:

 And no swelling yet though I was warned about this. The tray table ordered from my bed on day 1 came on day 2: jolly handy! And thanks to an i-pad and the i-player app I have been kept amused and entertained when I did not feel like reading.

Look! She's fast asleep.
And a rather cute teacosy to finish on today. It's day 3 and the pain is slightly less than yesterday- kind of a bad day- but I have been up a while and need to get the rest and leg raised time quota in so back to bed for a bit.

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