Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BUS AT CAL Square 9: Meandering ''flat'' bobbles....

Bath University Sampler Aran Throw    Crochet -Along- Square 9

Meandering ''flat'' BOBBLES.....

Yes I do know that bobbles and flat are essentially a contradiction in terms ...
But I am hoping nay planning to include some more raised bobbles later on so these are the less raised version of the bobbles yet to come...

And they meander only very mildly, in fact they kind of look cabled as they are very slightly staggered in vertical rows really. Ahgain I had a bit of fun with this and there were very many trial pieces that hit the bin!

THIS is the final square, viewed from the front or correct side.
This is the back
This is a close-up view ...

And this is one of the REJECTED versions, just to show it does not always ''click'' first try.

For this square I was inspired by a book: The Crochet Block Bible by Roberts and Lodinsky published by Search Press. My square was inspired by square 16 in the book but again I have adapted the stitch and the square to generate what I desired to see in my square.

My bobbles are bigger and the layout is quite different.

Shall we start? This one is a simple 4 row repeat until you have 9 bobble rows.

Foundation row: with 6 mm hook ch 18, change to 5 mm, ch 1 .

Row 1: work 18 dc , 1 st in each ch starting from 2nd ch from hook.

Row 2: ch 1, 1 dc into first dc,* work a bobble into the next st, work 3 dc  one into each of the next 3 sts ***, repeat from * to *** three more times work 1dc into last st, turn.

A bobble is made as follows:insert hook, yo, pull through, 2 loops on hook, repeat yo and pull through 1 loop, 2 loops on hook one of which is a part made dc.
Now repeat the part dc three more times all in this same stitch: 5 loops on hook. YO and pull through all 5 and make a nice tight dc into the next stitch. This tight dc is one of the three mentioned above and is NOT part of the bobble.  The bobble will appear on the side not facing you as you work them.
You can ''puff'' them up by poking them with a finger to appear one either side but in this case we want them on the other side.

Row 3: ch1, work 18 dc.

Row 4: ch1, 1 dc into the first 4 sts, ** make bobble into next stitch, work 3 dc one into each of the next 3 sts ****, repeat from ** to **** to end with just 1 dc after the last bobble.

Row 5: repeat row 3.

These rows 2-5 form the pattern and are repeated until you have 9 bobble rows and end on a dc row without bobbles.


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