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BUS AT CAL- SQUARE 10: Central square , Star or Circle Clock Square.

Bath University Sampler Aran Throw   Crochet-Along

BUS AT CAL- Square 10 - the CENTRAL square : a STAR or Circle CLOCK square.

As initially drawn on the plan - this can be seen on the ''plan '' post a few days ago....
I thought of a central square theme with other raised and textures as well as flatter squares radiating out from this one central square.

At first it was going to have a crochet heart applique sewn on, or maybe a star ( onto a plain dc square)  but then I have decided to possibly have a heart at each final corner instead and I wanted a circle that turns into a square for this central , ONCE only square...

Again I have to credit the Crochet Block Bible book mentioned in the square 9 post , but I have amended it to have a closed centre and then changed the outer edge to transform the circle to a square of 17 stitches per edge... I did aim at 18 sts but it needs that central prominent FPTr to have impact and even with 17 sts it is a stretchier square so still fits perfectly with all the others after all.

The central circle was inspired by their block 82 but mine does not have a 4 ch central hole.

The additional learning objective or fun part of this sampler exercise is that THIS square is made from the centre outwards! so it DOES NOT START with a 18 ch!!!

I call it a clock face as it has 12 raised ridges in the placement similar to a regular clock face.

For abbreviations , terminology and yarn/yardage details see plan and square 1 posts please.

Stitches not yet used are:
DTr= Double Treble ( USA = Treble)
TRTr= Triple Treble ( USA= Double Treble)
Tr= Treble ( USA = dc)
ss= slip stitch.

FPTr= front post treble which has been used before and explained in earlier squares. ( USA fpdc)

Row 1:

You need to start with a loop on your 5 mm hook that adjusts in size from the SHORT yarn end.By short yarn end I mean NOT the yarn that runs into your yarn ball but the start, short end bit that gets sewn in at the finish?
OR you can use a magic loop to start and work into.

For those that have their normal crochet loop on the hook that tightens from the short end: ch 4, then make the first ch a bit looser/ larger and work 11 Tr into the first ch , ss into the top of the 4th ch and pull the hole closed by tugging on the short yarn end.( 12 sts)

For those using a magic loop, ch3 then work 11 Tr into the magic loop and pull it closed, then ss into the 3rd ch of the starter 3 ch.( 12 sts)

Row 2: ch 3 , work a FPTr and a Tr into the next Tr, repeat all around until you have 12 FPTr and 11 Tr with one 3ch standing in as a Tr. the raised and non raised TR ALTERNATE neatly around in a circle and the circle is closed with a ss into the top of the  3rd ch at the start.( 24 sts)

Row 3: ch3, * work a FPTr round the first FPTr then work 2 TR into the next Tr **, repeat from * to ** all around and finish with a single FPTr and one Tr as the 3 ch stands in t for the second TR in the earlier sections, ss into top of 3ch to close the circle. ( 36 sts)

Row 4 : ch3, *** work a FPTr round the first FPTr then work 1 Tr into the next Tr and 2 Tr and into the next Tr, then repeat from *** to end with 2 single Tr worked into single stitches after the 12th FPtr as the 3 ch stands in for a Tr. ss into the top of the 3ch. ( 48 sts)

You should now have a circle with 12 raised FPTr and each of these have 3 Trebles lying between them at the outer edge.

Gauge/ TENSION is that this circle is 12 cm across.

Now we convert this circle into a 15 cm square.

Row 5 ( final row) : ch 2 ( equivalent of a HTr and counts as a stitch), working round to the left around the circle I will describe the first quarter which takes you from ''midnight'' on the clock to Nine O Clock, THEN THIS IS REPEATED  to 6 and 3 O' Clock and back up to Midnight or Noon - I.E. 3 MORE TIMES, but omitting the last HTr as this is represented by the 2 ch at the start. OK?

There is a FPTr at each quarter point only in this row: at noon/ midnight, 9, 6 and 3 O 'Clock.

First quarter: from Midnight to Nine O 'Clock.

FPTr round the FPTr which denotes the top central, vertical ridge, work 1 HTr into each of the next 2 sts, work 2 Tr into the next 2 sts, work 2 DTr into the next st, work ( 1TRTr, 2 ch 1TRTr) into the next st - this turns the corner- work 2DTr into the next st, work 1 Tr into each of the next 2 sts, work 1 HTr into each of the next 2 sts, this is where this quarter ends.

the next stitch is the FPTr at 9 O'Clock...so you now repeat the above 3 more times?

Then at end ss to the 2nd ch of the 2ch which represent a HTr. Fasten off.
Tug/ Block into a square shape.

You  should have 17 sts along each edge 8 running to each corner, including the relevant ch at the corner, and 1 FPTr in the centre of each side.

Sew  in the starter end to ensure the centre is closed and remains thus.

Hooray what a fun circle into a square that was?  Well done!!!

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