Friday, 16 September 2016

Giant BOBBLE cowl or necklace FREE PATTERN

This is the few rows it takes to make a tubular giant bobble necklace or neck-piece...
Pretty dramatic, eh?
 For the necklace you need 1 skein or ball of DROPS ANDES and a 10 mm hook.
For the cowl or scarf you will need 3 skeins.

 After a few rows of ''all over'' bobbles the work curls into itself to form a necklace tube.....

I got mine from Woolwarehouse and it's super soft and squishy!

Foundation row: Chain 50 with a 10 mm hook, turn.
Row 1: Work 49 dc in the chains starting from the 2nd chain from the hook,turn. 49 sts.

Row 2: Bobbles are worked on alternate rows from the back of the fabric and they will appear on the front. This cowl has staggered bobbles that is to say they form a diagonal line when viewed from the front. Each ''bobble row'' is followed by a row of dc only.
ch 1, *Work 1 dc in the back loop in each of the  3 dc in the row below , in the 4th stitch working in the BACK loop only : work a 4 Treble bobble as follows:
**Yarn over, stick hook into back loop, yarn over and pull through: 3 loops on hook, yarn-over pulling through 2 loops and stop ***, you now have 2 loops on the hook. Repeat from ** to *** until you have 5 loops on hook ( or the equivalent of 4 part trebles on the hook), then yarn over and pull through all 5 loops in one go. Now work a nice tight dc into the next stitch going through both top loops. Continue by working 2 dc in the back loop of the next 2 stitches, 1 dc per stitch, ****  and then work the next bobble in the back loop : see above working from ** to ****.
Repeat to the end of the row: you should have  12 bobbles and a single dc at the end of the row.

Row 3: With the right side facing you, ch 1 which is the turning chain. Then work one dc in each stitch in the front loop only except for the dc at the back of a bobble which is worked in both loops.
49 dc.
NOW the next 2 rows are very similar to rows 2 and 3 except in row 4 the bobbles are worked in the central dc between the bobbles of previous rows.( as there are 3 dc between each bobble)

Row 4: Ch1 = Tch. Now work 1 dc into the back loop then work a 4 treble bobble as in row 2 in the next dc into the back loop. Follow the bobble bu a tight dc in both loops and then work 2dc in the back loop followed by a bobble etc. SAME as row 2 except the bobble placements differ.

Row 5 is the same as row 3. 49 sts.

row 2-5 form the pattern and are repeated down the length of the cowl.

Work until you have 3-4 bobble rows for a necklace OR 10 bobble rows for the cowl and for the necklace sew into a tube , for the cowl work a final dc row and then fasten off.

Work in ends and sew short ends together.

Flat it measured: 24 cm wide by 55 cm long:  sewn up as a tube it is a lovely snug and warm fit round the neck and can be folded down or pulled up to cover the nose on very chilly frosty days.
It simply pulls over the head.

Working in the back and front loops gives it a softer feel and more dramatic look of linear waves on the right side.  The 10 mm hook keeps it soft and pliable enough to wear. If you change and work this with a 9 mm hook you get a firmer fabric suitable for a lap-top or i-pad cover.

 The tight dc after a bobble has been worked.
 Working a bobble....

The end of a bobble, the final pull through the 5 loops leaving only 1 loop on the hook.
Lovely warm cowl!!! It can pull up to cover ears and nose as I always get those really cold and being a TAURUS I have issues with getting my throat and neck all chilly so I like a warm cowl or scarf.
But scarves get unwrapped or get in the way when cycling so a neat cowl is just so practical and snuggly!!!!

ENJOY! And please share here on Facebook or on Ravelry if you make one too????

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