Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 6 of recovery period Scarf OSTEOTOMY and reconstruction.

Day 6 was bright and sunny and after a lie in as I did not sleep well and had been up to 2 am and again at 4 am due to the muggy night , I went to read in the sunshine in the back garden.
Having also somehow recorded about 9000 steps yesterday, today is designated a day of rest and I either read or slept all day to 5 pm.

Yesterday evening after a superb time chatting with Miss E about her recent travels in Europe with a friend and admiring the photos I got started on some aran crochet samples and did two new stitches.
Miss E is off to University soon and I want to make her a throw in aran yarn to cuddle  in bed or wrap round her shoulders while studying late, a little bit of ''home''.

It's day 7 now I did not manage to take and load the photos needed yesterday evening as it turned out a very busy evening/ night indeed.
 I took a beaded top purchased in Perth from River Island and changed the neckline to suit me better and anchoring the beaded lines after cutting also lined it in pure cotton for comfort.
 The extensive tacking followed by hand-sewing was completed today.
 Late last night and early this morning I crocheted a cap for my toes to replace a sloppy large red hiking sock which kept falling off.
 I made in some spare pink aran cotton yarn and improvised the shape using a 4.5mm hook.
It was quite addictive once I'd started as I just wanted to finish it so it was 3am or later when I finally headed to bed.
 This is it, it ties on snugly and fits much better and is more comfortable if still a bit ugly.
I watched the bbc 2 ingenious animals documentary earlier that evening, these are cloud leopards?

The finished result is looking good and fits really nicely too.

I was too tired to sew in either the start or the ending length of yarn!
The stitches at the toe end are denser to protect from prying or eager doggie tongues...!!!
I must keep that foot and toes, DRY and clean!

 I also mended my youngest daughter's boots by carefully sewing the split seam closed.
Not the neatest but functional again! 
Oh but how I wished for a thimble as that mock suede was hard to sew into and it seemed to be backed by a papery substance? 

Then I started sampling the cables in this free pattern I found on RAVELRY:
I needed to practice cables as I have not worked them in a long time and will be making the throw in squares but much smaller than these and I was thinking sampler squares with different cables and bobbles and travelling crossing raised trebles as well as basketweave.

But this pattern was extraordinary, it did kind of a ''mock'' cable by working chains and the working back over the chains with dc s, But it was quite effective nonetheless.
And I have never before worked a reverse dc or crabstitch into the front loops of a fabric rather than as a finishing edge !!!

If you would like a go at this: it is very easy. Download the RED HEART pattern from Ravelry?!
It is named in the photo above or do a search in patterns using ARAN CROCHET as search terms.
The mock cable is at the bottom and the ridge above it is the reverse dc or crab stitch .

 Vertical it looks like this. In aran yarn and a 5 mm hook.

I have my fingers poking into the mock cable....

And the back  or wrong side looks like this...

This is a 4 ply order that came from Woolwarehouse today and I am going to have a go at tapestry crochet in the way of WAYUU MOCHILA bags...... More bout that soon, I was so excited by what I have seen on PINTEREST!

And the grey yarn for the throw has come for more samples, proper ones this time and there's a GIANT BOBBLE project that I have been itching to show you....
See you next time, 

Good night.

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