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Now I have a confession to make: I ran out of the graphite yarn already and have ordered the remainder I will need for the throw but it will not arrive until Tuesday next week .
I could not simply wait and sit around so I have worked the next 2 squares in silver grey but will be repeating them in the graphite when the yarn arrives.

I thought I would share the pattern with you, it's fairly simple and uses mainly dc and FPTr.
Abbreviations and way of working is as before...see earlier posts if you have started here.

The key is to remember to simply work double crochet- dc- all the way across- 18 sts- on every EVEN row.

I have also included a diagram below if this helps you, personally I always work much quicker if I have a diagram handy.

Foundation row =row 1: with 6 mm hook chain 18.

Row 2: change to 5 mm hook and ch 1( Tch), then work a dc in every chain starting from 2nd ch from hook. 18 dc .

Every EVEN row will be as row 2 except the dcs will be worked into the stitches below, the 1 ch at start , the Tch does not count as a stitch and is NOT shown on the diagram below.

The ODD numbered rows are very similar and only vary in the positioning of the FPTrs in the row.
They too start with a 1 ch= Tch and these are shown on the diagram . In essence the FPTr move along to the left by 1 stitch each time.

For the ODD numbered rows read the diagram below from RIGHT to the LEFT.

Row 3: Ch1, Work 1 dc into the first dc, * work a  FPTr round the body of the next dc in the row below ( i.e. row1) , work a dc in each of the next 2 sts, repeat from * across and end with one dc following the last FPTr. There should be 6 FPTrs in the row.

Row 5: Ch1, ** work 1dc into each of the first 2 dc, work a FPTr into the first FPTr from row 3, repeat from ** working into each next FPTr from row 3 in sequence , until you end on a FPTr.
See diagram. ( 6 FPTr in row)

Row 7: Ch1, work 1 dc into each of the first 3 stitches, then ***work 1 FPTr into the equivalent  FPTr in row 5, followed by 1 dc into each of the next 2 stitches, repeat from *** to end row with 2 dc. ( 5 FPTr in row).

Row 9: Ch1, 1dc, work 1 FPTr round body of first dc in row 7, work 1 dc in each of next 2 sts, ****
work a FPTr into the equivalent FPTr in row 7 ( keeping the lines diagonal) , then work 1 dc into each of the next 2 sts, repeat from **** to end, there will be a single dc at the end of the row as in row 3.
( 6 FPTr s in the row)

Repeat rows 4-9 until work measures 15 cm in length.

Chart above includes the key to stitches. Chart below is slightly larger for clarity.

I hope you have enjoyed crocheting this square, I certainly did. It's quite fun seeing those lines travel across as a diagonal. Is it not?

NB THERE'S A TRICKY BIT ON ROW 5 when you are finishing on a FPTr it's best if you part complete the FPTr and when there are 2 loops left on the hook pick up a loop from the crochet fabric at the far left to anchor it in place, yo and pull through all 3 loops on hook. The turn and work the next row.

Here's a few more photos:
The finished square: which measures 15 by 15 cm like all the others.
The end of row 5 that tricky last FPTr is shown above.
Showing the loop you need to anchor it into. Held with thumb at left.
Included that loop so 3 loops on hook
Finished and anchored row 5.
Please note they DO curl really badly when just completed so  COLD WET BLOCKING will be required before using these in the throw?

Lovely texture though?

Having worked two such squares yesterday I found the chart really useful to remind me, after each row 9 you go back to row 4 and repeat and the square also ends on a row 9 followed by the final row a row of dc as in row 4.

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